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What Are The Yellow Lines On The Map In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

While exploring you may have seen these yellow lines with a small yellow dot, but what do they do? This guide on What Are The Yellow Lines On The Map In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tells you everything you need to know about these mysterious markings, at involves something you cannot do until later in the game.

When exploring the huge world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you may have encountered these stranger yellow or orange lines on the map. They are all the same, a small dot and then a long line. At first it appears it may be some kind of map label but you’ve not revealed enough of the map yet, or perhaps it’s something else. Well, it’s something else. The yellow lines are actually related to one of the games many Traversal Powers.

What Are The Yellow Lines On The Map In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Traversal Powers are, as the name suggests, unique abilities that let you interact with the environment. You can unlock the ability to climb walls, sand dunes, and even slide across ropes, and that is exactly what the yellow lines are.

You can unlock a Traversal Power could Rope Slide. The yellow lines on the map are those ropes. The small circle area is the starting location, as these ropes only work in one direction. Once you have the Rope Slide power you simply approach the yellow lines on the same side as the dot and then you can slide across to the other side.

So there you go, that’s what the yellow lines on the map are, mystery solved.

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