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What Are Virtues For In Lost Ark (Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, Kindness)

There are four Virtues in the game that you can increase and level up. This guide on What Are Virtues For In Lost Ark (Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, Kindness) answers all of your Virtue related questions including how to level each of them up and what purpose they serve in the game.

Virtues are split into four categories. Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness. Although each of them is unique, they all function in a very similar way. Reaching specific levels unlocks new interactions with NPC’s and can also unlock new Rapport options.

What Are Virtues For In Lost Ark (Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, Kindness)

So far, all of the Virtues have been used to unlock Rapport options and dialogue options with certain characters. During some encounters, a specific conversational response will require a specific stat. For example, interrogating an NPC for a quest, one of the response options could require 50 Wisdom. Likewise when talking with NPC’s for Rapport. If you want to build Rapport with some NPC’s, you will need to increase your Virtues.

If you want to increase your Virtues there are several different methods for doing so. You can increase Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness by completing any number or combination of the following objectives. Earning titles by completing achievements, completing Adventurer’s Tome challenges, collectibles rewards, quest rewards, Rapport Rank rewards, Rapport dialogue rewards, equipping skins, and completing Una’s tasks.

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