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What Class To Choose In Greedfall

What Class To Choose In Greedfall
Greedfall features a robust and rewarding class system with many different skills. This guide will help you decide What Class To Choose In Greedfall, as each of the best options at the start of the game will drastically effect the early experience in your adventure.

Before making the decision on the best class to pick in Greedfall, it’s worth noting that this is not a restricted system. Whether you choose Warrior, Technical, or Magic, you are not bound or restricted to any particular archetype as you progress through the game. The leveling and progression system of Greedfall is tree-based, allowing you to branch out and learn skills from any of the starting classes at any point.

What Class To Choose In Greedfall

The class you choose at the start of Greedfall influences two main aspects, your starting skills and your recommended stat improvements and talent improvements. Ultimately, it only really impacts the start of the game as you can change later, but still, there’s some variation here.

It’s a good idea to make Lockpicking your starting skill. There are a lot of level 1 chests on Selene and without starting, you have to wait until level 5.

The warrior specializes in melee attacks and begins the game with the following skills & talents. It’s worth noting that the Warrior is designed to work best with blunt melee weapons.

  • One handed heavy weapons
  • One handed blades
  • Firearms
  • Craftsmanship (Craft weapons & armor)
  • Vigor (access certain areas that require balance)

The Technical class is the control class, using skills and abilities to control enemy movements and attacks. Based on the recommended stats, this class is best designed for both 1h and 2h swords

  • Elemental Traps
  • Firearms
  • One Handed Blades
  • Science (Crafting potions)
  • Lockpicking (open locks & spot traps)

Focuses on range damage from a distance using an assortment of magical spells.

  • Divine Magic Ring
  • Statis
  • One Handed Heavy Weapons
  • Science (Crafting potions)
  • Intuition (Better gathering & Looting)

That’s a basic breakdown of the initial skills & stats.

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