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What Do The Mushrooms Do When You Pee In Death Stranding

What Do The Mushrooms Do When You Pee In Death Stranding
Sam has many needs in Death Stranding, one of which is going for a pee, which creates mushrooms. What Do The Mushrooms Do When You Pee In Death Stranding I hear you ask? Well, not a whole lot as they don’t appear to be actual mushrooms, more-like chiralgrams.

You have to pee a lot in Death Stranding, and it can take a while. To pee outside you simply equip the urinate option (Right on the D-Pad) then hold L2, before holding R2. Sam will then begin to water the surroundings with chiral fused human waste. Fun times, eh?

What Do The Mushrooms Do When You Pee In Death Stranding

When you pee you will notice that a small, holographic-like mushroom appears at the spot where you went to the toilet. These currently do not appear to do anything. However, if you return later, you will find that more mushrooms have grown in the same place. We have seen groups of 2-3 pop up over an extended period of time.

If there’s any changes as the game progresses, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

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