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What Does Bringing Water To The Zone Do In Dying Light 2

When you take a Water Tower you can assign it to a faction and also bring water to the zone, but What Does Bringing Water To The Zone Do In Dying Light 2? In this guide we’ll answer that very question so you can decide whether or not you want to focus on delivering Water to the different areas of the city.

Overall, it doesn’t make a massive difference on who you give the Water Tower to. However, whether you choose to give it to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors, both will give you access to Water throughout that particular zone. It’s only within the boundaries of that specific zone, it’s not city wide. Once you have unlocked water for the zone, you get a benefit.

What Does Bringing Water To The Zone Do In Dying Light 2

What Does Bringing Water To The Zone Do In Dying Light 2
Bringing water to a zone gives you healing locations spread throughout. They are not overly common and can be tough to spot. You also need to interact with them for a few moments to heal, so you need some time and space, it’s not something you’ll be able to do on the run or during a chase. Simply approach the water fountain and interact with it to heal your HP up to full, it can take a few seconds.

  • Whether you choose to give the Water Tower to Peacekeepers or Survivors, both will give you Water in the zone
  • The water is restricted to that particular zone, marked by a white border on the map. It’s not for the entire city
  • Once you bring water to a zone you unlock water fountains at certain spots throughout the zone
  • Water fountains, small, attached to the wall, heals you when you approach and hold the interaction button
  • It takes a few moments so be careful if you’re being chased
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