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What Does Mark Of The Dwarves Do In God Of War

What Does Mark Of The Dwarves Do In God Of War
When you interact with the Dwarf brothers during story missions, sometimes you get a Mark of the Dwarves, but What Does Mark Of The Dwarves Do In God Of War? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Mark of the Dwarves.

During certain parts of the story both of the Dwarven brothers will take a stab at your axe. A simply hit with their hammer appears to improve its power as you are granted a Mark of the Dwarves. You may think this is a Rune or something you can equip but it’s actually a passive bonus that is applied permanently.

Navigate to the resources menu and you will see the Mark of the Dwarves. Here you can read what benefits each mark has

“An enhancement that increases Runic by 1”

For each Dwarven Mark you get, it increases by 1.

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