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What Does The Tree Sentinel Drop In Elden Ring

When you first get into the open world of Elden Ring, you will see a large knight on horseback. Check out this guide to find out what does the Tree Sentinel Drop in Elden Ring. This way you can find out if it is worth your time to kill it or not.

What Does The Tree Sentinel Drop In Elden Ring

This battle is one you should try when you are a bit of a higher level. I fought him at around level 30 and even then he beat me a couple of times. After you beat the Tree Sentinel, you will be given a Golden Halberd as a reward. This weapon takes 30 Strength, 14 Dex, and 12 Faith to use properly. That basically means you probably won’t be able to use this for a long time even if you do get it early.

For my fight with him I stayed on horse back and hit him once or twice at a time. I also had summoned the Demi Humans to keep him busy. Fire on your weapon is another boon since it will improve you damage output and he is a tree guy. Figure out his patterns and eventually you will beat him.

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