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What Happens After The Coronation In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Coronation with Brant causes a MASSIVE change that could ruin an entire quest line. In this guide we answer the question of What Happens After The Coronation In Dragon’s Dogma 2, no story spoilers.

The quest, A Feast of Deception, is the culmination of a series of quest chains tied to Brant and the Arisen’s efforts to usurp the imposter. Continuing with this quest before completing other quests can permanently alter the story of certain characters and location.

What Warning Does Brant Give?

When you speak with Brant about the upcoming mission, he gives the following warning:

Aught shall change once we have attended the coronation. If Your Majesty has any unfinished business to attend to, ’tis best you do so afore we depart.

Does Anything Change After The Coronation?

This is a traditional warning in modern video-games, especially those in the RPG space. It usually signifies to the player that a major world shift is about to take place. This can often mean quests get cancelled, NPC’s move or vanish, it’s usually a sign to get your affairs in order before a major story plot.

However, in Dragon’s Dogma 2 at least, that’s not entirely the case. I had a quest log of 7+ active quests and all bar one were unaffected. The only one that changed as the Readvent of Calamity quest, where you are tasked with finding Ulrika after she fled Melve. That quest becomes “Discontinued” so you cannot complete it.

This is a really important quest chain with a lot of good rewards and a vital character that will be involved in the ending of the game. We highly recommend completing this quest chain first, check out our side quest guide for help

It may impact other quests so the best thing to do is check your quest log. Save your game. Then sleep at an inn. Then complete the mission. At the end of the mission, check your quests.

If the quests were Discontinued, close the game and load from the Last Inn rest.

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