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What Happens If You Give The Tear To Meidra In Remnant 2

During your playthrough of Remnant, you will come across a woman who asks for the Tear Of Kaeula. Check out this guide to find out What Happens If You Give The Tear To Meidra In Remnant 2. This way you can keep the ring if you want the extra healing potions, or get the reward.

What Happens If You Give The Ring To Meidra In Remnant 2

This one is odd because I found the ring in a completely separate adventure and the woman who wanted it in a different one. Meidra will first ask you come questions and depending on how you answer, you get a certain trait.

When you are done getting the trait, you can give her the Tear if you want. You are rewarded with the sidearm Sorrow, which is a crossbow with 5 bolts. The special skill lets you pull the bolts back to your gun, and they do increased damage depending on how many enemies they go through. You also heal a tiny bit off of each bolt that returns.

Personally, I think during the early game the ring is better because of the extra healing potions. Eventually the Sorrow is the better option, but at first I’d keep the ring.

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