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What Happens When You Go Through A Black Hole In No Man’s Sky

What Happens When You Go Through A Black Hole In No Man's Sky
As you explore the vast universe of No Man’s Sky you’ll often encounter things that have you a little on edge. One such thing is the appearance of Black Holes. Through fear of death or other potential mishaps you’re probably thinking what happens when you go through a Black Hole in No Man’s Sky?

I discovered my first Black Hole when trying to progress through the story, safe to say I was pretty lost by this point. I’d seen the Black Hole as I entered a system for the first time, grabbed some valuables from a nearby planet and proceeded to the unknown.

Thankfully, you don’t die. You can sometimes get random resources added to your inventory and some of your ships equipment can also receive heavy damage. You are simply transported to another area of space. I’m not certain how far but nothing I’d explored previously was to be seen on the Galaxy Map so it’s quite the distance. If you are contemplating going through a Black Hole be sure to grab some valuables from a nearby planet or the Galactic Market as there’s a good chance they are more expensive on the other side.

I was not able to locate the Black Hole once I’d gone through it, so there’s a good chance it will vanish. Thankfully however, my objective is now once again displayed on the Galaxy Map, 50+ jumps away…

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