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What Horse To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima

What Horse To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima
Near the beginning of Ghost of Tsushima, you have a choice to make. This guide on What Horse To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima breaks down the different horses you can choose once you reach the stable during the introductory level of the game. It’s also worth noting that this is the first place the DLC becomes available.

If you purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of Ghost of Tsushima, this particular part allows you to access some of the DLC. The Digital Deluxe edition horse is the horse located on the far right of the stable. It’s impossible to miss as there’s a large golden icon sitting over the horse saddle. Now, even if you have the Digital Deluxe edition, you do not have to pick the Digital Deluxe horse.

What Horse To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima

What Horse To Choose
Currently the decision appears to be completely cosmetic base. There doesn’t appear to be stats relating to horses or anything in particular that would make one horse better than another – other than your personal preference of style and color.

There’s a black horse on the far left, followed by a white horse, and then a black and white patch horse before finally, the Digital Deluxe edition horse on the right side of the stable. The choice is permanent. When you attempt to select a horse you will receive a notification stating the horse will be alongside you for the entire journey. We will update the guide if we discover means of finding additional horses later, if the option arises.

What Horse Name To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima

What Horse Name To Choose In Ghost of Tsushima
Once you have selected your horse, you will get to choose a name. This appears to be the same for each horse. The choices are Nobu (Trust), Sora (Sky), and Kage (Shadow). The name options available are identical for each of the four horses available.

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