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What Is Friendship Rank & How To Increase It In Dragon Ball Legends

What Is Friendship Rank & How To Increase It In Dragon Ball Legends
Friendship Rank is an exciting part of evolving Shallot in DB Legends, but what does it do? This guide will tell you What Is Friendship Rank & How To Increase It In Dragon Ball Legends so you can prepare your favorite characters to aid Shallot when the time is right.

Firstly, let us answer the question, what is friendship rank? Friendship Rank is a special stat that is on every character except Shallot. It starts off at 0 and is only improved if the character is in your party and fights alongside Shallot. This developers slowly over time, reaching several stages before finalizing reaching maximum friendship rank.

What does it do? If you navigate through the details of some of your characters you can notice a “Can Train” tag attached to some of their best abilities. These powerful abilities can be taught to Shallot if that character has maximum friendship rank with Shallot.

While it’s not vital to teach Shallot new abilities, a fighter that you can customize to fill the gaps in your squad is priceless. While it may be some time for the training feature to open fully, now is the time to expand and max your friendship levels with the characters ahead of time.

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