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What Is The Chairman’s Name In Lost Judgment

During the mission where you place camera’s in the school, a teacher throws you a tricky question. This guide on What Is The Chairman’s Name In Lost Judgment will remind you of the Chairman’s name as although you had quite a lengthy cut-scene with him earlier in the game, it’s easy to forget a name when it’s mentioned in passing.

This is part of the main story. You and your fellow detectives begin planting cameras around the school. This is a linear mission, camera placement is pre-defined, so it’s just a matter of following the objectives and on-screen prompts to find each of the locations. Once you’ve placed all but a few cameras, you will see the kids from the street fight earlier, head into a classroom. You follow them into the classroom to place further cameras but in the process, a teacher will notice you and begin asking questions.

What Is The Chairman’s Name In Lost Judgment

What Is The Chairman's Name
She will first ask you who sent you, simply respond that the Chairman sent you. Then, out of left field, she throws in another question. What is the Chairman’s name? Now, if you’re here, reading this, you’re as forgetful as I am and already forgot what he was called. Fear not, through the power of Elgato, I was able to rewind time and check.

The Chairman’s Nam is Okuda-san. When asked by the teacher, select the Okuda-san choice. She apologizes for being rude and then you’re able to place the final cameras and progress with the story.

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