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What Is The Final Mount Slot For In Hogwarts Legacy

There are 4 slots for mounts on the L1/LB button menu. In this guide we answer the question of What Is The Final Mount Slot For In Hogwarts Legacy as they are 4 slots but only 3 of them are available for the majority of the game.

When you hold the L1 or LB button, you will get an item interface menu where you can select combat items. In the bottom right of that menu there is another menu tied to the 4 main buttons on your controller. You gain access to many of these quite early. You get your Broom and a Flying Mount, but the icon on the left hand side remains empty throughout much of the game.

What Is The Final Mount Slot For In Hogwarts Legacy

This final mount slot is reserved exclusively for mounts that are unable to fly, so more traditional mounts, like horses and the likes. It’s very likely that we may have missed one but we did not get the first normal mount until right near the end of the game, about three missions from the final story mission. It is a story event, unlocking the final mount slot, so you cannot miss it, but it’s not something you’re likely to unlock until you’ve nearly completed the game.

If we find another one that is available to be found earlier, we’ll update this post with more information.

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