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What Is The Linking Cord For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Link Cable is one of many unique items you can find but What Is The Linking Cord For In Pokemon Legends Arceus? In this guide we’ll tell you where you can find Linking Cords and what they are used for as they evolve a very select few set of Pokemon that would otherwise not be possible to evolve.

If you’ve been a long time fan of Pokemon games, you’ll remember the pain and suffering of first generation. Hoping one of your friends had a link cable at school so you could trade to evolve your Pokemon, then hoping they’d actually give it back. Thankfully, some 30 years later, Pokemon Legends Arceus has a better way to evolve some of your favorites from first generation Pokemon games.

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What Is The Linking Cord For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can get Linking Cord a number of ways. You can buy them from the MP store in town, you can dig them up as buried treasure, or they are available as rewards from Requests (such as Request #64 – Getting To Know Ghosts). Once you have a Linking Cord available, you simply need to have the correct Pokemon in your party and you can use it to evolve them.

So far we’ve seen Linking Cords compatible with Machoke (to evolve to Machamp), Haunter (to evolve into Gengar), Kadabra (into Alakazam), which is great as you can catch Abra really early, and Graveler (to evolve into Golem). So it basically covers all of the first generation Pokemon that required link trades to evolve.

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