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What Is The Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Combination In Dying Light 2

There is a safe house in Houndfield that features a safe locked with a combination lock. This guide on What Is The Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Combination In Dying Light 2 will tell you where you can find the Safe Combination so you can open the locked safe and gather the rare items inside.

Sometimes developers like to include randomization when it comes to figuring out codes for a locked safe or hidden door. As such, it’s always a good idea to figure out where to find the code, rather than just immediately giving you the answer, just in case it’s random. We don’t believe it is random and the code is 101.

What Is The Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Combination In Dying Light 2

On the off chance that there is a random element involved, you can find the combination for the safe in the bedroom – you have to push a large piece of furniture out of the way to access the bedroom and activate the safe room. At the end of the bed is a large chest, open the chest. You will find a Safe Code Artifact Collectable.

You need to open the main menu and navigate to the Collectables tab. Here you will see Mementos. Search for the Safe Code one and inspect it to learn that the code for the safe is 101. Simply enter the code on the safe and it will open. Doesn’t matter which way you turn the dial.

We found a second hideout with a safe and the video for that code is here.

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