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What Javelin To Unlock First In Anthem

What Javelin To Unlock First In Anthem
After you complete the tutorial in Anthem you get to unlock your first Javelin. This guide will help you make the decision on What Javelin To Unlock First In Anthem as you are stuck with your initial choice for some time, with another Javelin unlock coming at level 8.

When you get your first contract as a Freelancer, you are given the option of upgrading your Javelin. Anthem features four unique Javelins, Storm, Ranger, Colossus and Interceptor. Each has its own list of strengths and weaknesses but ultimately, the choice is down to personal preference and play style.

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What Javelin To Unlock First In Anthem

The Storm is an aerial threat of elemental attacks. Unlike other Javelin’s, the Storm is able to hover in the air infinitely. They have access to a wide variety of elemental based abilities and can launch combo attacks with other Javelins effortlessly. They are however, very weak in terms of the damage they can take. Storm also has access to a wall of wind ability that offers great defensive benefits.

The Ranger is the Javelin you played through the initial mission with. It has balanced offensive and defensive capabilities and can move at a moderate speed. The special ability allows the Ranger to launch a number of missiles at different targets, making it a very powerful Javelin when dealing with enemies in large numbers.

The Colossus is the most heavily armored of all the Javelins. It moves very slow but it can take a lot more physical damage than other Javelins and also has a shield that can be used to deflect enemy attacks and abilities. A charge ability allows for Colossus to clear large groups of enemies over medium distances.

The Interceptor Javelin is fast, really fast. It’s the fastest and most agile of all the Javelins, making it perfect for scouting out ahead and taking out long-distance threats. The Interceptor is a fantastic Javelin option for those that like to get up close and personal on the field of battle.

What choice did you make for What Javelin To Unlock First In Anthem?

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