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What Keepsake To Choose At The Start Of Elden Ring

What's The Best Starting Item In Elden Ring?

The Keepsake is a free starting item you can choose in Elden Ring. This guide on What Keepsake To Choose At The Start Of Elden Ring will break down the best choices you can make based on how powerful the items are as you continue to progress through the game.

Those familiar with From Software games will recognize this feature as it’s been included in many of their games. The Keepsake is a simple item that you’re given at the start of the game to help you on your journey. While all of them are useful, some are definitely much better than others.

What Keepsake To Choose At The Start Of Elden Ring

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the best Keepsakes in Elden Ring, be sure to check out that guide. In this post we will just be covering the best two Keepsake items you can choose at the start of the game. As we said previously, all of the items are useful in one way or another, but there are two that stand out far above the rest.

Firstly, Golden Seed. This item is incredibly strong, especially during the earlier stages of the game. It allows you to carry an extra flask, the flask you use to restore health and mana. Later in the game you’ll need to gather multiple seeds to get a new flask but as a starting item, the Golden Seed is arguably the best choice for nearly all players, unless you’re pro enough to never require healing.

The second pick it the Stonesword Key, probably for the more experienced or abled players. When you pick the Stonesword Key you are given two Stonesword Keys, you can also obtain these items later in the game. While they are not much use early on, they become very valuable as the game progresses. You can use them to unlock special hidden areas that often contain powerful weapons, strong armor, or new spells.

Ultimately, the choice of the best starting item in Elden Ring is up to you, but starting with these two, you can’t go wrong.

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