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What Level Does Capsakid Evolve Or How To Evolve In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Capsakid is another brand-new Pokemon with a new evolution. This guide on What Level Does Capsakid Evolve Or How To Evolve In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you everything you need to know to evolve this Pokemon as there’s nothing more confusing than having a high level, base evolution Pokemon that refuses to evolve itself.

I caught my Capsakid very early in my adventure in Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet, mostly because I thought it was a small dinosaur with half an egg on its head. I love dinosaur-looking Pokemon so thought it would evolve into something awesome. While it does evolve, and the new form is pretty cool, it’s not quite what I was expecting. Unlike traditional evolutions in the Pokemon franchise, Capsakid does not evolve on level alone, you will need to use a special item.

What Level Does Capsakid Evolve Or How To Evolve In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

I’m not sure what the level requirement is, or even if there is one, as my Capsakid was already level 37 by the time I find the appropriate item, and that’s probably over the normal threshold for a Pokemon that only has a single evolutionary option. If you want to evolve Capsakid into Scovillain, you will need to use a Fire Stone.

Evolving Capsakid into Scovillain changes its type from Grass, to Grass Fire, and unlocks a bevvy of new moves to go with the new type change.

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