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What Path To Choose In Outriders

What Path To Choose In Outriders
Classes in Outriders are called Paths and each is unique in the way it approaches combat. This guide on What Path To Choose In Outriders covers the very basics of the different classes so you can make a choice on what class you want to play through first. The demo has only just launched so information is limited, but there’s a good breakdown in-game that should help you make your decision.

It’s worth noting that once you have selected a path, you cannot change your path or class later. This choice is permanent and because your progress in the demo will carry over to full release, it’s a good idea to choose a class you will enjoy. There are multiple character slots so you can experiment freely with all of the paths before the game launches in full.

What Path To Choose In Outriders

Before selecting your path, it’s a good idea to understand Outrider’s unique mechanics. While some of the paths in the game do follow the holy trinity style approach, tank, DPS etc, the unique healing mechanics of the game change that recipe up quite a bit. All Outriders heal themselves using particular methods, usually rewarding active engagement as opposed to running away, spamming potions, the usual suspects. You don’t need to worry about having specific paths for specific jobs as, for the most part, you can heal yourself and be completely self sustainable if you’re good enough. Below is a quick breakdown of each class, as shown in-game, with additional information to follow up as we explore the classes in greater detail.

The Technomancer
The Pyromancer
The Trickster
The Devastator

We’re working through the classes as we speak, just wanted to post a quick breakdown for anyone looking for the basics. Stay tuned for regular updates.

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