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What Size Should You Make Burgage Plots In Manor Lords

Understanding The Benefits Of Bigger & Smaller Burgage Plots Is Key

Burgage Plots are housing areas that are created to give your Families a place to live. However, there are various upgrades and Extensions available depending on the size of the Burgage Plots you create. In this guide we go over the different extensions and the ideal Burgage Plot size.

Whenever you construct a Burgage Plot in Manor Lords, you get to choose the size using a four point construction system. You select four unique points to represent each of the corners of the Burgage Plot. There are three main size differences to take into account.

Small Burgage Plots

An image showing players the size required for a Small Burgage Plot and the benefits it offers in Manor Lords

This is a Small Burgage Plot, as depicted by the single house icon within the white lines. This simply means that one house will be constructed for each house icon shown in the plot blueprints.

The only real benefit to constructing Burgage Plots of this size is the fact it takes up minimal space. This can be useful if you are building on a sloped area that won’t allow larger Burgage Plots.

It can also be useful if you are constructing a small house far from the rest of your town, a house that won’t benefit much from Extensions.

Extension Burgage Plots

An image showing players the required size for a Burgage Plot to be able to support Extensions in the game Manor Lords

This is slightly larger and as you can see, this allows for additional Extensions at each house, shown by the shed and hammer icon in the garden area of the property.

This should be the ideal minimum size for any Burgage Plots you construct, with the exceptions laid out in the Small Burgage Plots section of this post.

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Extensions are hugely important, vital in fact, if you want to flourish and grow a large region. It allows for various Extension upgrades that greatly benefit your Families.

You can get additional food with Chicken Coops, Vegetable Gardens offer more food options (although we recommend a plot 2-3x times the size above for Vegetable Gardens). You can also produce items at Extensions if you have the materials.

Family Expansion Burgage Plots

An image showing players the required size of a Burgage Plot to get the Family Expansion upgrade option in the game Manor Lords

The Family Expansion Burgage Plot is more one born of convenience than choice but it can be a bit of a space saver as well.

When constructing a Burgage Plot, if there is not enough space for an extra house or an Extension, you will sometimes find enough room for an additional family.

This is shown by the house icon with the + symbol in the image above. It simply means a smaller house will be constructed at the same time and another family can live in the same Burgage Plot.

Bonus Tip

For maximum efficiency, build your Burgage Plots to reduce travel time. Build a Burgage Plot near major production buildings and assign those families to work there, drastically reducing travel time to and from work.

For more useful tips, be sure to check out our collection of Manor Lords Walkthrough Guides.

It’s a good idea to focus primarily the size of Burgage Plots to make sure you construct those large enough for Extensions.

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