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What Starting Class To Choose In Magic: Legends

What Starting Class To Choose In Magic: Legends
Geomancer, Beastcaller, Sanctifier, Mind Mage, or Necromancer? In this guide we discuss What Starting Class To Choose In Magic: Legends as there are already questions on what’s the best class, the most powerful class, the best farming class, there’s a lot of choice on offer here.

Before we dive into the meat and potatoes, know there is no wrong choice. While choosing a class initially locks the other classes, you can unlock other classes before too long, so you’re not tied in. The game actively encourages players to master multiple classes as there are special Traits that each class can unlocked. While a specific class may unlock a specific trait, many of those traits can be used across all classes. This allows for a huge level of customization options and really rewards those with the skill and dedication to rank up multiple classes in the game.

What Starting Class To Choose In Magic: Legends

When choosing your class the two main aspects you want to look at are the style and class abilities. By style, we mean Range or Melee. Obviously both of these types play incredibly different so depending on your personal style of play, focus on either range or melee and find a class that fits. From there, Class Abilities, are the next most important aspect. These are completely fixed.

As you progress through the game you can add any color cards to your deck. For example, a Geomancer traditionally uses Red Mana spells. However, once you unlock the ability to add multiple colors to your deck, you can completely switch it up to use other card types. As such, the class abilities are more important than the mana type, making sure you select a character that suits your personal style.

  • Geomancer (Red Mana) – Focuses on melee combat with strong AoE hits
  • Beastcaller (Green Mana) – Mix of range and melee with a strong heal and powerful taunt ability for companions
  • Sanctifier (White Mana) – Ranged classes, has a great healing ability and an angel that can heal with lifelink
  • Mind Mage (Blue Mana) – Medium range, that focuses on confusing and debuffing enemies
  • Necromancer (Black Mana) – Moderate range, specializes in summoning undead creatures (duh)

There is no right or wrong choice. Each class is useful in its own right. All classes can be unlocked and encouraged to play with. So ultimately, it’s down to you. However, unlocking the additional classes does take a long of grinding so if you’re only looking to play for a short time, the starting choice is more important.

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