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What To Do At Lake Verity, Valor, And Acuity In Pokemon Legends Arceus

When exploring the different regions of Arceus you come across several lakes. This guide on What To Do At Lake Verity, Valor, And Acuity In Pokemon Legends Arceus tells you about the mechanics involved in causing the lakes to become active so you can complete the challenges and objectives at each of the locations.

There are three lakes total. Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity. These sorts of places have long been featured in Pokemon games. Sometimes they hide, secret, powerful legendary Pokemon, sometimes they play important roles in the story, other times they may hide deep and challenging dungeons. For Pokemon Legends Arceus the lakes have but a single purpose and it’s all related to the main story.

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What To Do At Lake Verity, Valor, And Acuity In Pokemon Legends Arceus

I will avoid any major story spoilers but right at the end of the story in Pokemon Legends Arceus you’re tasked with tracking down a certain item. In order to obtain this item you will need to visit Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity, in any order. Once you reach each of the locations your phone device gives you access to a single room.

I won’t go further into detail but that’s the functions of all of the lakes. You can’t do anything with them until you reach the end of the story and the objectives tell you to visit each of the lakes to get the item you need.

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