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What To Do With Colored Gems In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Found the Blue, Red, and Green Jewels? This guide on What To Do With Colored Gems In Resident Evil 3 Remake tells you where you need to take the three colored jewels in order to exchange them for some powerful items including an additional Hip Pouch and Shotgun upgrade.

If you’re an avid explorer, looking in every corner for items you can collect or interact with, you’ve likely already found the correct location to use the colored jewels. However, for those of us a little eager to outrun the latest zombie on our heels, it was an easy enough point to miss.

What To Do With Colored Gems In Resident Evil 3 Remake

What To Do With Colored Gems In Resident Evil 3
After the brief introduction to the story, just after you meet with Carlos and the other survivors on the train, you’re told to leave the Subway Station and head up topside, to the streets. On your way up there are some items and gear to get you well equipped for what lies ahead. In the Subway Station area, there is a large clock-like item against the wall. At the location where I am standing in the image above.

There are clearly three different slots. A blue slot, a red slot, and a green slot. These are the slots for the jewels you will discover when you are exploring Downtown. There are only three jewels to discover, and each of them are hard to miss. Once you have all of the jewels, return to the Subway Station and place them into the device.

  • Blue Jewel – Hand Grenade
  • Red Jewel – Tactical Stock (Shotgun Upgrade)
  • Green Jewel – Hip Pouch

Once you have used all of the jewels in the device, you will also unlock the Power Stones achievement.

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