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What To Do With ? Goblin Statue In Trials Of Mana

What To Do With  Goblin Statue In Trials Of Mana
Many familiar elements return in the Trials of Mana remake. This guide on What To Do With ? Goblin Statue In Trials Of Mana tells you what you must to in order to be able to interact with a strange statue that you encounter in Rabite Forest early in the game.

While Trials of Mana doesn’t feature a traditional RPG fast travel system, much of the game does have you revisiting old locations. This is mostly due to story scenarios requiring new technology or old friends to progress, while other times it allows you to explore areas you previously could not reach.

What To Do With ? Goblin Statue In Trials Of Mana

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You first encounter the mysterious statue in Rabite Forest very near the beginning of the game. Interacting with the statue simple gives a ? notification. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do here for some time. The goblin statue is related to an event later in the story so when you first arrive, it doesn’t function.

You need to follow the main story for a few hours. Eventually you will unlock a special mallet and you will be sent back to Rabite Forest in order to meet an illusive people that have remained hidden in the forest for many years. At this point the story will direct you to the statue so that you may use the mallet and progress with the story objective.

That’s it. Unfortunately, there’s no secret or puzzle to solve here for untold treasures. Just one of the many times Trials of Mana will have you retreading over old ground in order to move forward with the story.

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