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What To Do With Kolket’s Razor In Remnant 2

Kolket’s Razor is a key item you can find whilst exploring in Adventure Mode. In this guide on What To Do With Kolket’s Razor In Remnant 2 we’ll explain what you need to do with this item in order to unlock Kolket’s Key which unlocks access to another area in The Lament.

Almost every item you can find in Remnant 2 can be inspected. You can do this by either inspecting an item you already have equipped or searching through your inventory to find a specific item. Once you have Kolket’s Razor navigate to your inventory and select it from the Key Items / Quest Items section. This will bring up the item in a 3D frame so you can inspect it.

What To Do With Kolket’s Razor In Remnant 2

An image showing where to inspect Kolket's Razor
It’s very easily missed. You need to inspect the very tip of the nob on one end, as shown in the image above. Once you spin the camera around so it’s look at the tip, as I am above, you will be able to locate the interaction point and then interact with it. This will then transform the item into Kolket’s Key.

If you need more information on the key, check out our Kolket’s Key Guide.

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