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What To Do With Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark

There are loads of Mokoko Seeds to collect in Lost Ark but where do you turn them in and what do they do? This guide on What To Do With Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark will answer those questions, telling you where you must gun in order to turn in your Mokoko Seeds so you can claim the rewards.

Mokoko Seeds are one of the main collectible items in Lost Ark. There’s a little over 1200 and they are scattered across the entire game. There’s at least one in nearly every single zone, including hidden away in dungeons and other end-game areas.

What To Do With Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark

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If you want to turn in your Mokoko Seeds you need to follow the main story. Once you have completed the Luterra region, the story icon changes to a blue globe. You then follow it to Tortoyk Island, a small island located to the North East. The story there will eventually lead you to Mokoko Village. Again, continue following the story until the quest A New Start, it’s probably an hour or two after you reach the island.

You then want to visit the Village Chief’s Home and speak with the Village Chief, then you can select the Mokoko Seeds option and this brings up all of the items you can trade for. You can get some blueprints, Rapport items, and even new sailors and crew.

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