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What To Do With Recipe Pieces In Ooblets

What To Do With Recipe Pieces In Ooblets
Recipes pieces are scattered everywhere, but what are they for? This guide on What To Do With Recipe Pieces In Ooblets explains both where to find recipe pieces that you can use, and what you must do with them in order to learn new and exciting recipes.

Recipe Pieces are quite easy to find, if you know where to look. When found in the world, they are small pieces of paper. They are easy to spot as they are surrounded by sparkling lights, like any other item you can pick up and collect. They can also be hidden in other shining items, such as in piles of books or on shelves. They are very valuable so whenever you see a Recipe Piece, make sure to collect it and save them up. You need four Recipe Pieces before they can be used.

What To Do With Recipe Pieces In Ooblets

What To Do With Recipe Pieces
Once you have found at least 4 Recipe Pieces, open your inventory with Tab. Check the Stuff! screen and look for the Recipe Pieces. Highlight the Recipe Pieces and then select the Assemble option, which is right-click on your mouse. Another menu will pop up, make sure not to discard them or anything else, just select the Assemble option.

Once all of the pieces have been assembled, you will instantly unlock a recipe. We’re unsure if the recipes unlock in a specific order, or if they are unlocked entirely at random, but you’ll need them all eventually anyway. So make sure to get searching and pick up any Recipe Pieces you can find.

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