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What To Do With Rusted Metal Parts In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Rusted Metal is a very rare resource, don’t sell it! In this guide we explain What To Do With Rusted Metal Parts In Animal Crossing New Horizons as it’s an item rewarded for completing the communicator parts task for Gulliver the Duck but it’s use, at least initially, is unclear.

A couple of times a week a duck named Gulliver will wash up on a beach on your island. If you speak with Gulliver enough times he will give you a task to find 5 Communicator Parts. This is where the Rusted Metal comes from, it’s a lot of work and some random chance to grind (how to get rusted metal), making it very rare and valuable, but what does it do?

What To Do With Rusted Metal In Animal Crossing New Horizons

There may be further uses down the line but honestly, the one use we have discovered for Rusted Metal makes it worth saving. Towards the latter stages of the game, once your Residential Services building is fully upgraded, you gain access to a ton of new DIY Recipes at the Nook Stop terminal inside the Residential Services building. Here you can buy a lot of cool and decorative items for your island.

Once such item is the Robot Hero. A mech-like transformer statue that towers over most other items. This is an expensive item, requiring a whopping 5,000 Nook Miles. As well as the miles you need a lot of other valuable items, such as the Rusted Metal and Gold Nuggets, as well as Gold Armor (that we’re still searching for). It takes 5 Rusted Parts so you must encounter Gulliver 5 times. This stage alone can take a few weeks so save those Rusted Parts.

Disclaimer: We are unable to verify if the Robot Hero ships with laser-beam eyes.

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