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What To Do With The Brown Shiny Shimmering Blue Bricks In LEGO Bricktales

Wondering how you interact with the brown bricks covered in a blue shine? This guide on What To Do With The Brown Shiny Shimmering Blue Bricks In LEGO Bricktales tells you what you need to unlock before you’re able to use these unique blocks to unveil new paths to explore and new animals to find.

There are several components of the LEGO Brick Tales universe that you discover very early on but are unable to use or interact with until much later. One such component is the pile of brown bricks and coin-like blocks that you find in all of the different worlds, each covered in a blue, shimmering, shiny-like effect.

What To Do With The Brown Shiny Shimmering Blue Bricks In LEGO Bricktales

These brown piles of bricks are actually considered to be dirt in-game. They often cover animals or block pathways to explore more areas of each world. Before you’re able to clean away this dirt you need to unlock the Water power. You do this by reaching the Medieval world and following the main story there.

After you get the pile of coins for the dragon, you get to explore a cave. This is where you find the source of the poison that has tainted the town’s water supply. During this section, you will get a new power that allows Rusty to shoot water from a gun. Once you have that ability unlocked, you can use the water gun to spray the areas of shining brown dirt, clearing it out and revealing the secrets left behind.

In the Desert there is a complex puzzle locked within one of the pyramids. This guide on How To Solve The Pyramid Puzzle In LEGO Bricktales reveals quick tricks to help you get through the puzzle quickly and easily as while navigating is quite fast, there are a couple of key bits you can easily miss.
One of the objectives on the Caribbean biome is to make a watchtower for the pirates. This guide on How To Build The Pirate Outlook Watchtower In LEGO Bricktales gives you a quick and easy guide to follow so you can construct the overlook tower, complete the objective, and move on to the next set of story missions.
The first Caribbean build challenge needs you to make a walkway that leads to two locations. This guide on How To Build A Bridge That Leads To Both Ends In LEGO Bricktales explains how you can link the higher tier and the lower tier platforms so both robots can reach their destination safely and easily.
Another Jungle objective is to improvise a stairway. This guide on How To Build Improvised Stairway In LEGO Bricktales will tell you how to complete the objective that requires you to build an improvised stairway onto the hill with some planks at hand.

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