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What To Do With The Refrigerator In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can buy a Mechanical Cabinet for 20,000, but what does it do? This guide on What To Do With The Refrigerator In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can capitalize on this futuristic piece of technology as you need to catch a very specific Pokemon before you can use the fridge.

Ginter in Jubilife Village, a trader that appears during the story. Offers you a different “bargain” every day of game time. Sometimes he’ll give you a batch of balls for a fair price, other times he offers crafting ingredients. However, one time he offers to sell you a Mechanical Cabinet for 20,000. He automatically delivers it to your private quarters and it appears to be a fridge, but what’s it for?

What To Do With The Refrigerator In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Unfortunately, nothing fun, especially not for 20,000. If you have a Rotom, a Pokemon with an ability to mimic machines and devices, you can let the Rotom interact with the device and it will change the Rotom’s appearance and abilities. It will take on the form of a fridge and it will be allowed to learn and use ice type moves. If you don’t have one yet, check out our guide on where to catch Rotom.

If you like using Rotom and you’ve not got any ice Pokemon, this is a bargain. However, if you have no interest in using the Pokemon Rotom, the fridge doesn’t do anything else but decorate your private quarters with a large, mechanical cabinet.

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