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What To Do With The Soulkey Tribute In Remnant 2

Defeating one of the bosses in this world rewards you with a key item. This guide on What To Do With The Soulkey Tribute In Remnant 2 tells you where you need to take the Soulkey Tribute and what you need to use it on so you can continue with the game.

The Soulkey Tribute is one of the final parts of this world. Once found, it can be used to gain access to the final boss of this area, granting a Segment, one of the items required to advance in the main story.

What To Do With The Soulkey Tribute In Remnant 2

You need to find the Asylum. It’s very likely you have already encountered it whilst exploring this world. It’s on the “exterior” maps, with the towns, streets, and houses. The Clocktower is there, another puzzle for this world, and the main central area is always the Asylum. It could also be confused as a large house or perhaps a school. There are NPC’s all over, crazy folks that stand in the corner muttering to themselves.

Once you have found the Asylum you need to head down to the basement. In the basement you will find a strange web, glowing and pulsating. As you approach, you can interact with the web.

Use the Soulkey Tribute on the Strange Web and you will unlock access to the final boss for this world.

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