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What To Do With Visions Of Light In Destiny 2: Forsaken

What To Do With Visions Of Light In Destiny 2 Forsaken
Visions of Light are a new drop on The Tangled Shore. This guide will tell you What To Do With Visions Of Light In Destiny 2: Forsaken so you know where to go once you’ve collected enough and you can continue with your story.

Visions of Light are a very common drop on The Tangled Shore. You’ll pick them up frequently while doing a few jobs for Spider before the Wanted Bounties. You need to gather quite a few. We’re unsure of the exact number as they do not appear in your inventory and you pick them up at such a rate, it’s difficult to count. However, very little grinding is involved. A few Public Events and Spider’s missions should be enough to get you all the Visions of Light you need.

Once you’ve gathered some check your map. Under the top left menu, L2 on PlayStation 4, you should see a new mission titled “New Powers”. Once you do, you know you have earned enough Visions of Light. Open the Io map and select the large purple quest icon to participate in the quest.

Complete the quest to obtain a Seed of Light. These are special new items that unlock a brand new tree in any one of your subclasses. You may be able to obtain more later.

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