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What Tool To Upgrade First On Dondoko Island – Infinite Wealth

There are three tools to use on Dondoko Island, but which is the best? In this guide on What Tool To Upgrade First On Dondoko Island – Infinite Wealth we’ll go over the basic use for each of the three tools and explain why it’s best to level specific tools first.

The three tools you will eventually have access to are the Baseball Bat, the Bug Net, and the Fishing Harpoon. The Baseball Bat is used in combat and to harvest basic materials, the items you need to make blueprints such as Wood, Plastic, Cloth, Metal etc. The Bug Net is for catching bugs and flying insects, and the Fishing Harpoon is for, well, catching fish. Neat, eh?

What Tool To Upgrade First On Dondoko Island – Infinite Wealth

The best tool to upgrade first is a bit of a close call. The Baseball Bat is incredibly useful because it makes fighting a lot easier, allowing you to swing much quicker. It also lets you harvest materials slightly faster but if you’re good with the accuracy of the AoE attack, that can work just as well. The Fishing Harpoon is probably the best tool to upgrade first. Fish are some of the most valuable items on Dondoko Island. The Golden Shark, if increased to maximum level, is worth 130,000 Dokobucks alone, and while other fish are less valuable, they are still some of the most valuable items on the island.

The bug net is the least useful. While you will still want to gather every bug and insect you can find, careful aim does allow you to gather multiple insects at once, diminishing the increased speed from an upgraded version.

Upgrade the Fishing Harpoon and Bat to level 2 first, and then the bat to level 3.

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