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What’s The Best Starter Pokemon To Choose In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Every new Pokemon game let’s you pick from three starters for your adventure. Check out this guide to find out What’s The Best Starter Pokemon To Choose In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. This way you know who is the best in the long run.

What’s The Best Starter Pokemon To Choose In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

So obviously you have the water, fire, and grass type. Each of them is going to be useful in some battles and less useful in others. Early on the fire guy is good because the first gym is Bug type. Reality is though you can work around this pretty easily so the started doesn’t matter a ton. I know what you are really here for is to see the final Evolutions of them all.

Grass Starter Evolution

The grass one becomes that and ends up being Grass and Dark.

Fire Start Evolution

The fire one ends up like that and becomes a Fire and Ghost type.

The water one ends up looking like this and is a water and fighting type. He looks pretty goofy in my opinion.

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