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When Do You Get Your Own Ship In Lost Ark

One of the major selling points of Lost Ark is getting your own boat to explore the high seas. This guide answers the question of When Do You Get Your Own Ship In Lost Ark as although its one of the games most exciting and well known features, it’s also not something you’re going to unlock near the start of the game.

While Lost Ark has many unique features, two of its most impressive are Strongholds and Ships. Strongholds act as a collection of private islands for each player. You can build, research, hire sailors, it’s akin to a mobile RTS game but throwing into a free-to-play ARPG. Ships are very similar in that they are one of the games biggest appeals, but when do you unlock it?

When Do You Get Your Own Ship In Lost Ark

When Do You Get Your Own Ship In Lost Ark
It’s not really surprising that the developers don’t want players to miss this feature so it’s directly tied to the games main story. Depending on how you play, whether you conquer every side quest or just rush through the story, you can likely get to the part where you unlock the ship in approximately 15-18 hours. You can definitely get there quicker if you skip through the story and don’t experiment much with other content.

Once you reach the story ark that takes you to Wavestrand Port, you’re not far off. Follow the main quest line until you get the “Have to Half It” quest. At the end of this quest, you will get the Set Sail quest. At this point, you have unlocked Estoque, your very own ship to use and explore.

  • In Lost Ark you can get your very own ship that you can use to travel and explore on the high seas
  • You can find and recruit NPC’s in the game world to join you aboard your vessel
  • To unlock the ship feature you need to follow the main story until you reach the Wavestrand Port region
  • Once there, progress through the main story until you complete the “Have to half it” quest. This unlocks your own ship
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