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Where Is The Rewards Claim Vendor In Tom Clancy’s The Division

Where Is The Rewards Claim Vendor In Tom Clancy's The Division
If you pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s The Division or picked up some items from the uPlay store you’ll need to find the Rewards Claim Vendor in the game. Use this Tom Clancy’s The Division guide to find out where the Rewards Claim Vendor is located.

The uPlay store has tons of awesome items you can buy such as rare crafting materials, cosmetic items to change your appearance, some cool weaponry and some other tidbits and pieces. Once you have purchased any items you want to keep you will need to find the Rewards Claim Vendor in The Division to find your items.

The Reward Claims Vendor is not available until you have progressed through the main story and unlocked the Base of Operations. It’s the first main mission when you reach Manhattan.

When you enter the Base of Operations head directly in front of the entrance past the Stash box and past the stairs. The Rewards Claim Vendor is located behind the table at the end of this room.

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