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Where To Buy Cat Food In Lost Judgment

Part of The Forbidden Taste quest requires you to Befriend a Cat, and food is the fastest way to do this. This guide on Where To Buy Cat Food In Lost Judgment will tell you where you can buy specific food that you can feed to the cats to increase your friendship with them. It has to be cat food, you cannot feed them random food or healing items from your pocket.

The Forbidden Taste quest has quite a few different objectives. You’ll track down a phantom ramen stall, learn clues on its location, before reporting the information back to the man that gave you the case. Once you’ve done these parts, you will then be tasked with progressing through the next stage of the Side Case. This involves Befriending a Cat. The game doesn’t give you much help here, contrary to how it walks you through nearly every other quest in the game. So you’ll need to put on your best detectives cap and get to solving this puzzle by yourself.

Where To Buy Cat Food In Lost Judgment

Where To Buy Cat Food In Lost Judgment
You can head to this location, Poppo (Jinnai Station Exterior). Here you will find two different types of cat food that you can purchase. It’s very likely you’ll find yourself involved with cats later in the game so if you have the spare yen, be sure to stock up and grab ten tins of both. Once you’ve visited the store and made your purchase, you’ll have a big supply of cat food to carry you through the rest of the quest.

And that’s Where To Buy Cat Food In Lost Judgment.

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