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Where To Buy Grapes And Honey In Expeditions Rome

Grapes and Honey are two materials you need to craft tactical items in Expeditions Rome. Check out this guide to find out where to buy Grapes and Honey in Expeditions Rome. This way you can get your guys buffed up before throwing them into a fight.

Where To Buy Grapes And Honey In Expeditions Rome

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In order to buy Grapes and Honey, you will have to head to the Troas Fishing Village in Asia Minor. You can only get one of each at the moment, but down the line more will open up. Head to the village and find the wine vendor. She is going to attempt to try to sell you very expensive wine. It is a gift for Lucullus if you do buy it, and he rewards you will new colors for your Legion.

If you talk to her about other stuff you can eventually ask if she has raisins or honey for sale. She will say she has a little of each and offers to sell you them for a reasonable price. If you need normal wine she sells that as well. When you have all the materials, head back to the blacksmith and make the items. You will need to equip them on your characters to use them.

Be careful because while you do get higher crit chance, your resistances are lowered. That means you can be set on fire much easier.

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