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Where To Catch Abra In Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the first generations most popular and powerful Pokemon. This guide on Where To Catch Abra In Pokemon Legends Arceus will help you catch an incredibly powerful Pokemon very early in the game so you can get to working on evolving Abra into Kadabra and finally, into Alakazam.

One particularly unique aspect of Pokemon Legends Arceus that makes Abra such a strong Pokemon to catch early in the game is the removal of the requirement to trade for the final evolution. Fans of first generation Pokemon games will surely remember the hardships of finding friends with link cables willing to trade. Thankfully, in Arceus, you do not need to trade with other players to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam. There is a special item you can find in the game called a Linking Cord, this special Linking Cord evolves all of the first generation Pokemon that required trade evolving including Kadabra, Graveler, Haunter, and Machoke.

Where To Catch Abra In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Abra In Pokemon Legends Arceus
As is tradition with Pokemon games, catching Abra can be a challenge. You will need to increase your Galactic Hall rank high enough, to level 2, so that you’re able to cross the bridge in the Obsidian Fieldlands from Aspiration Hill over to Deertrack Path. You’ll find Abra in the Windswept Run. There are places later in the game where Abra is more common but this is one of the earliest places he appears regularly. It was cloudy and night time for me but he does appear at other times as well, but check those specific times if you can’t find one.

It’s best to approach from the cliffs to the East, West from the camp. That way you can see Abra from a distance. It has a very wide detect range and if it sees you coming, it will immediately teleport away and vanish. If you attempt to fight it, there’s a very high chance it will teleport before you get chance to act and vanish. If it disappears, you’ll have to leave the area and return for it to respawn.

Approach quietly, from behind, and tag it with a sneak hit with a Pokeball.

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