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Where To Catch All Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet has a number of exclusive Pokemon you can catch. This guide on Where To Catch All Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon will tell you everything you need to know to catch Larvitar for Pupitar and Tyranitar, where to find Stonjourner, Great Tusk, Fire Tauros, and how to evolve your Charcadet into Armarouge.

Where To Catch All Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon

Larvitar – Pupitar – Tyranitar
Larvitar is considered to be a rare spawn so he can be a bit of a challenge to track down. It is possible to find him near the Lighthouse at the start of the game, but the spawn rate there is incredibly low. Instead we’ll head to the caves near Alfornada. There’s a large cave here but you can’t get through without climb, but you don’t need to get through the cave to catch Larvitar. They are very common in this area, as you can see, I found one right in the mouth of the cave. Once you’ve caught Tyranitar you simply need to raise it up to evolve into Pupitar and then Tyranitar.

If you’ve already seen Stonjourner, you can investigate his Pokedex entry for a pretty obvious clue. Lives in Asada Desert is exactly what it says. So that’s where you need to go. Simply travel around Asada Desert for a short time and you will find a Stonjourner wandering around. He does appear to be quite a rare spawn, it took maybe 15 minutes of exploring to find one.

Armarouge itself cannot be caught. It’s an evolution of Charcadet, which is a Pokemon available in both versions. However, when it evolves, it will evolve into a different form depending on the version you are playing. If you are playing Pokemon Scarlet, Charcadet will evolve into Armarouge. To get yourself an Armarouge you need to do two things. Firstly, head to these ruins in the Asado Desert and kill 10 Bronzors to get 10 Bronzor materials. Then you need to travel to a small town called Zapapico. Once there, speak with the man at the fountain.

He will trade you an Auspicious Armor set for the Bronzor materials. Then simply use, not equip, use it on Charcadet and you will get Armarouge.

Great Tusk
The final Scarlet exclusive is Great Tusk. You probably need to kill the Great Tusk Titan before these guys start appearing but you can find them in the Asado Desert. Much like Stonjourner, it’s a very rare spawn. I was exploring for about 15 minutes before I finally found one, then accidentally killed it. Yay.

Fire Tauros
There are three Tauros forms in the new games. The regular Fighting Tauros, a Fire-Fighting Tauros, and a Water-Fighting Tauros. The Fire-Fighting one is exclusive to Scarlet. You can find Tauros in herds at the location shown above. You want to look for the bigger one in the herd and look on its mane, you will see several red stripes if it’s the Fire-type one. It appears to be a very low spawn rate but you can make it much easier if you eat a sandwich that gives Fire Encounter Level 1+, as this makes it more likely for Pokemon of that type to spawn.

So that’s Where To Catch All Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon.

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