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Where To Catch Bass & Catfish In Summer In Mara

 Where To Catch Bass & Catfish In Summer In Mara
Mayo has a quest asking you for some fish as a favor. This guide on Where To Catch Bass & Catfish In Summer In Mara will tell you the locations of the Bass and Catfish fishing spots so you can fish up your cat-like friend some seaworthy goodies and return to complete the quest and continue your progress.

While the Bass and Catfish are both used in a quest for Mayo, fishing is altogether a worthwhile activity in Summer in Mara. Fish are used in a lot of recipes, a few quests, and they can sell for a pretty penny if you find the right buyer. Always make sure, when you’re exploring, to interact with any bait buckets you find so you’ve always got the right bait for the right situation, when you find the right fish.

Where To Catch Bass & Catfish In Summer In Mara

 Where To Catch Bass & Catfish In Summer In Mara
First up, Bass. You can find Bass here on the map, in Puni Cave. When you arrive in the area it looks like a tall landmass that you cannot reach but ride around the island on your boat and you’ll see the huge entrance to the cave. There’s a good amount of ore nodes in here, which are great for making ingots, and there’s also the fishing spot for Bass. It requires the Worm bait to catch.

Where To Catch Catfish
Last up, Catfish. These can be caught to the East of Qalis in the Iron Island. There’s a fishing location out at sea in this area. Simply approach it and fish to catch the Catfish. Catfish requires Silkworm as the bait. You can buy some in town if you haven’t managed to find any by this point.

You need Thread to build fishing rods, and ropes to repair the docks, among other things. This guide on Where To Find Thread In Summer In Mara will tell you how you can unlock the Thread recipe so you can make your own thread to complete other recipes that require this ingredient.
Looking for the location of all of the crabs for the quest? This guide on Where To Find Five Mail-Crabs In Summer In Mara lists each of the five locations you must discover in order to locate all of the crabs to read the Lost Letters for the Noho Quest objective.
One of Koa's quests has you bringing a book and seashells to the lady at the lighthouse. This Where To Find The Novel In Summer In Mara guide will tell you where to find the Novel so that you can complete this objective of the quest and begin the step to upgrading your first tools.
Coal has many uses but early on, it allows you to build a Fire. This guide on Where To Find Coal In Summer In Mara will tell you where to find this precious resource so you can gather some up for your first campfire, or save it until later when it's used in other recipes.

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