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Where To Catch Dusclops In Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the objectives in the main story needs you to find a Dusclops. This guide on Where To Catch Dusclops In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can track down this spooky, one-eyed Pokemon so you can catch one for the man and hand it in to complete the quest.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is full of Pokemon and many of them spawn at different locations at different times of day. Dusclops is one such Pokemon. When you speak with the Warden he explains that he fears one-eyed Pokemon and tells you that you can find one near the ships at the location on your map that looks like a hand. This is accurate information but as the spawn is not guaranteed, some people may second guess whether or not they are in the correct location.

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Where To Catch Dusclops In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Dusclops In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You need to head to this area, Deadwood Haunt. There are a number of shipwrecks on the shore here and spooky style Pokemon all spawn at this location at night. It must be Nightfall for you to find a Dusclops in this area. On the way to the Deadwood Haunt you will encounter Request #46 – Setting Up The Coastlands Camp. Complete this on the way to create a camp not far from the Deadwood Haunt location. This lets you rest nearby so you can switch it to Nightfall again, if you don’t find the Dusclops when you first arrive in the area.

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