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Where To Catch Duskull In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Request #44 – The Pokemon In The Nighttime Photo gives you a photo of a Duskull and asks you to catch one. This guide on Where To Catch Duskull In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can track down a Duskull so you can catch one, give it to the old man, and complete the request.

There are a lot of Requests in the game, some are really simple and easy, others are more challenging. This particular Request can be easy or difficult, depending on your knowledge of the Pokemon franchise and the locations in Arceus. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already aware that the Pokemon you’re looking for is a Duskull, but where can you catch one?

Follow our Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide to complete all Requests as you get them.

Where To Duskull In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Duskull In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You need to travel to the Cobalt Coastlands map. You may not have the map available yet so if you don’t, progress through the main story until you have it unlocked. Once you can explore the Cobalt Coastlands map, you’ll want to travel to the South East corner, a place called Deadwood Haunt.

On the way there is a Request, it’s right nearby the haunt, you can’t miss it. Completing this Request puts a camp near the Deadwood Haunt location, so do that first. Then you can use the camp to rest until Nightfall. It must be Nightfall when you are exploring the Deadwood Haunt for Duskull to appear. If it doesn’t appear at first, rest again at the camp until the next Nightfall and you should find it within a few minutes.

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