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Where To Catch Geodude In Pokemon Legends Arceus

This guide on Where To Catch Geodude In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you where you can catch one of the more popular Pokemon from the first generation as not only is Geodude a strong Pokemon, but it’s also part of a request, Request #12 A Perfect Pickling Stone.

The are a lot of requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus. They are optional objectives that give you small rewards if you complete them. Some of them are also tied to special Pokedex entries. Geodude it part of a Request that simply requires you to catch a Geodude and deliver it to the person

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Where To Catch Geodude In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Head to this location on the first map, the Obsidian Fieldlands. Here, at the Deertrack Path, there is a winding path that leads up through the rocks, it’s the main path so it’s hard to miss. You will find Geodude scattered throughout this area in plentiful supply. There are no special ingredients or requirements so simply approach a Geodude, throw your Pokeball, catch one, and return to the NPC to hand it in.

Otherwise you can sit here farming for Geodude as they spawn quite regularly and they are easy to take down with Grass type Pokemon.

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