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Where To Catch Gimmighoul In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Gimmighoul has already made a huge impact on the Pokemon community. This guide on Where To Catch Gimmighoul In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you exactly where you need to go to catch this very rare Pokemon, a brand new Pokemon that has caused quite a stir across a number of the Pokemon game communities.

When I caught Gimmighoul it was a level 15 Pokemon and only Astonish and Tackle as its moves. It’s a Ghost-type with a Ghost Tera Type also. It has a Rattled Ability which increases the speed of Gimmighoul if it’s hit by Dark, Ghost, or Bug-type moves. It also increases its speed if it is the target of the Intimidation Ability. I’m not sure how rare this spawn is but when you catch this Gimmighoul you also get 50 Gimmighoul Coins, quite the haul.

Where To Catch Gimmighoul In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Due to its location and static nature, I’m assuming this is a rare but guaranteed location as Gimmighoul is sitting in its chest form until it is disturbed. You can find Gimmighoul in his coin-gathering form scattered around the world, check out our Gimmighoul Coin Location Guide for more on that, but this is the actual form you can catch him in.

Head to the location shown in the map above. It’s in West Province (Area One). On the route to Cascarrafa there is a Poke Center called West Province (Area One) – North. Just before you reach that location there’s a grass path that leads up onto the nearby mountains. At the top of this path is a set of ruins. In the middle of the ruins is a huge tower. You can climb right to the very top of the tower and once you reach the top, you will see a small treasure chest. This is where you catch Gimmighoul.

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