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Where To Catch Happiny & Chansey In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Name a more adorable duo than Happiny and Chansey, I’ll wait. In this guide on Where To Catch Happiny & Chansey In Pokemon Legends Arceus we’ll tell you where you can find this perfect duo so with a little bit of work you’ll be able to complete the Happiny, Chansey, Blissey evolution chain without too much grind.

There are areas in the game other than this, available earlier, where Chansey spawns, such as the Alpha Chansey. However, in terms of volume this is the best place to find them as there are usually several in the area and it makes completing the Pokedex entries for both easier. Simply catch the ones you want, rest, and repeat the process until you have enough to complete the Pokedex entries for each of the Pokemon you’re looking for.

Where To Catch Happiny & Chansey In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Happiny & Chansey In Pokemon Legends Arceus
Conveniently, both Happiny and Chansey can be found in the exact same location. You need to progress through to the final region of the game, the Alabaster Icelands, which is also where you learn the ability to fly. You can reach this area before getting the fly ability but it does make it a lot quicker as you can just fly over from the base not far from the location.

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You want to head South of the Avalanche Slopes. There’s a small cliff at the location marked in the image above and you’ll find spawns for both Chansey and Happiny without too much trouble. Unfortunately, as there is no breeding in Arceus, this is the only way to get Happiny in your Pokedex.

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