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Where To Catch Magikarp Early In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Magikarp is one of Pokemon’s most beloved creations. This guide on Where To Catch Magikarp Early In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you where you can catch the awesome Magikarp right near the start of the game, so you can waste no time in powering it through to reach level 20 and become the incredible Gyarados.

In most of the past Pokemon games, catching Magikarp early was always a pain. You had to slog through the story until you received some sort of fishing rod, like the iconic Old Rod, and then find a body of water and fish up a Magikarp. This works fine but if you’re a huge Gyarados fan, spoiler, I am, you want to get this beast up and running as soon as possible. Thankfully, in Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet, you do not need to wait at all. You can catch a Magikarp in the very early moments of the game.

Where To Catch Magikarp Early In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Continue with the story until you leave the Poco Path area. You’ll visit the lighthouse before being told to continue through to Los Platos. As you begin your journey to Los Platos you will encounter a small river. Don’t cross the river and instead follow it down to the right. This will eventually lead you to a large beach. There are several Pokemon here, including the brand new Wiglett, and this is also where you can find a Magikarp. You may have to run around a bit for one to appear close enough to shore to catch, but just give it a few moments and you should catch one no problem.

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