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Where To Catch Nosepass In Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus has you catching a Nosepass for someone. Check out this guide to find out where to catch Nosepass in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This way you aren’t searching all over the game world for one Pokemon.

Where To Catch Nosepass In Pokemon Legends Arceus

In order to catch Nosepass, you will have to head to the Coronet Highlands and you will need to either be able to fly or climb. When you get to the Highlands, head here on the map.

Where To Catch Nosepass In Pokemon Legends Arceus 2

You can find them along the Celestica Trail or in the Celestica Ruins nearby. They are skittish, so your best bet is to sneak up behind one and use a great ball or an ultra ball. If they stop moving for awhile, they are probably sleeping and you can sneak behind them easily. If not you can use a smoke bomb or some grass if you need to get close. If you are forced into a fight you should put it to sleep and then try to catch it.

If you mess up and kill it you can find more if you keep searching the ruins. You can also come back to the area if you need more to respawn. Once you get the Pokemon, return to the quest giver and you can complete the quest and get your reward.

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