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Where To Catch Phione & Manaphy In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Both members of the Sea Guardians make an epic appearance in Arceus. This guide on Where To Catch Phione & Manaphy In Pokemon Legends Arceus will explain the process of catching both Pokemon as they are some of the rarest in the game and require a lot of planning before you’re able to catch them.

Catching both Phione and Manaphy is a part of a Request called The Sea’s Legend. If you want to learn the process of catching these Pokemon, read that guide in full, but this particular post is here to provide a warning.

Where To Catch Phione & Manaphy In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus has an autosave on the game. It autosaves whenever you catch a Pokemon. When you battle Manaphy, there are three Phione’s with them. If you catch any single Pokemon during the battle and then don’t catch the rest, the game will save automatically at the end of the fight. If you try to reload the game, it will take you AFTER the fight. This means that if you killed Manaphy, you cannot catch it again and you cannot complete The Sea Legends Quest.

You need to catch Manaphy to be able to complete The Sea Legends Request, so if you don’t catch it and the game saves, you won’t be able to complete it. We highly suggest turning Autosave OFF for the duration of this battle and just saving before you enter the cave. Target Manaphy to catch first, just to be safe.

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